August 20, 2018

Self-Aware Parenting

Are you searching for new ways to decrease the stress and overwhelm of parenting, become calmer, happier and less reactive so you can connect more deeply with your children?
Being Self-Aware is the key for connecting to your child.
Join us for this powerful workshop series and learn how to quickly identify personal triggers and develop ways to create mindfulness, ways to avoid boiling over and ways to increase positive connection.
When parents aren’t self-aware, they might get caught up in their own emotions instead of being present with their children. They also might not recognize that they’re unconsciously repeating the patterns of their own childhood in their parenting today.
When under stress, parenting skills are found to collapse. Parents may have learned parenting skills from workshops, books, or other programs. However, when under stress or other intense emotions, parents can end up yelling at their children, threatening, bargaining, and some will hit/spank. To add to this negative experience, the knowledge of how a “good” parent should handle difficulties may result in parents becoming more harsh and upset with themselves for having ‘lost it’. This negative cycle continues.
What sets this workshop apart: 
In Self-Aware Parenting, you will learn to be fully present with your experience and acknowledge and accept it. When you acknowledge your reactions as parents and accept them for what they are, you can take a more kind and compassionate stance towards yourself and your children.
Acceptance gives you the power to change.
You will learn how to:
* take better care of yourself
* develop more empathy and compassion for yourself
* hold the space and compassion for your child
* respond less reactively to parenting stress
* recognize personal patterns from your own childhood as they arise now in relationship with your child
to apply and integrate your new mindfulness skills to your experience of parenting
Course Outline:
Week 1: Intro and Auto-Pilot Parenting
Week 2: Beginners mind/reconnecting with our body as parent
Week 3; Responding vs Reacting Parenting Patterns
Week 4: Conflict & Parenting and Setting Loving Limits
Participants will receive access to online resources that include worksheets, information and recordings.
Workshop Series: 
Monday Oct 15th 9:00-11:30am
Monday Oct 22nd 9:00-11:30am
Monday Oct 29th 9:00-11:30am
Monday Nov 5th 9:00-11:30am
987 Cheryl Ann Park Road, Roberts Creek
Investment: $175.00 CAD
‘I found that the practices were totally applicable to everyone else, not just my older then toddler children. it has helped me become a more calm person, and my voice doesn’t have to be loud to be heard any longer. Makes for a less stressful life when dealing with adults. I no longer own their reactions. Pretty fun actually to watch grown adults trying to push the same buttons they were able to push a few months ago with no success. And I will say that my relationship with my husband has improved dramatically. He’s even “stealing” some of my tricks!!!”
~ Kimberly
“So when I heard about this parenting course from Sarah, I thought, “I’m more like WW3 parenting. ” And I thought it was going to be a bunch of ‘How To’s’ in dealing with kids behaviour. But I’m so glad it wasn’t like that. We’ve all heard that kind of advice before. None of it takes into account the mental, physical and emotional state of the parent. Sarah, you really highlighted that peaceful parenting starts with a peaceful parent. “
~ Kaurina
Kendra has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years and has also completed a three year training in Early Childhood Trauma resolution within the Attachment model. She is passionate about supporting and healing the parent-child relationship. Her intention is to take what she has learned and share it with other parents who, like her, are often struggling with the day to day of being a parent.
Sarah is the mom of two spirited children. She has been working with families for ten years, providing education and support.  She is a Registered Masters level Social Worker, Positive Discipline Trainer and is passionate about providing families with tangible tools for cultivating connection.