October 16, 2018

The Animals in my Brain


A new tool for kids and parents/teachers to support them in talking about and dealing with fight, flight or freeze responses. These automatic responses often come with complex emotions and actions. Now we have a way to put the power into the children’s own hands for kids to effectively regulate their behaviour.

When Pam gets annoyed by her little sister, she throws her colouring book at her. Pam’s mom steps in to help her understand how the brain works to direct behaviour. Mom uses animals to explain the complex brain processes in at way that young learners can understand. Pam is empowered by understanding her behavoiur and learning the importance of taking a break when she is feeling upset before doing something she might regret.

Here’s what Jane had to say about our book:

“Children and adults will love this delightfully illustrated book that so wonderfully explains the workings of the brain to school aged children. In our Positive Discipline classes with both parents and teachers we always present Daniel Siegel’s Brain in the Palm of Your Hand demonstration to help us non-brain-scientists understand brain processes. The Animals in My Brain gives parents and teachers another resource to present an understandable explanation of brain processes to the children in their care”

– Dr. Jane Nelsen, Author and co-author of the Positive Discipline book series.

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